Partyservice/Catering SCHEIDT                 seit über 25 Jahren für Sie da!!!

eigene Veranstaltungs- und Tagungsräume                                                                                                                                                                                   Gerne Liefern wir Ihnen auch das Tages-Menü nach hause.                                                                                                                                              (siehe Wochenkarte)                                                          

Our cake buffet "Butcher Scheidt"


    each    person 8,40 €    

    Apple cake    

    Berry cake    

    “Donauwelle“ (cherry-vanilla-chocolate-cake)    


    Cake „Russian style“    

    Mini cream-puffs    

    Cherry cream cake “Black Forrest style“    

    New    for diabetics:    

    Berry-cream-cake (diabetics)    

    Cake baked on a large oven tray, cut into squares     

    Yoghurt cake    

    Plum cake    


    Marble cake    


Coffee refills  are free. Incl. coffee maker, coffee dishes, thermos, forks and spoons.


  Champagne Breakfast


    each    person 10,90 €    

    Tomatoes with mozzarella    

    Smoked salmon with creamy horseradish sauce    

    Shrimp cocktail    

    Roast beef with cranberry horseradish    

    Smoked trout    

    Melon with ham