Partyservice/Catering SCHEIDT                 seit über 25 Jahren für Sie da!!!

eigene Veranstaltungs- und Tagungsräume                                             

Cold Buffet




    each    person 15,90 €    

    Ham with asparagus    

    Cold roasts    

    Ham platter    

    Salami platter     

    Various cold cuts    

    Homemade sausages    

    Poultry sausage    

    Chicken legs    

    Fried meat balls    

    Sliced paté    

    Chicken roulade    

Wedding Buffet    



    each    person 23,90 €    

    Loin medallions with fruits    

    Smoked fish specialities with apple horseradish    

    Selection of roasted meat    

    Turkey specialities    

    Assortment of exclusive fish    

    Seafood salad    

    Gourmet terrines    

    Delicious poultry    

    Fresh fruit salad    

    Gourmet cheese platter    



We recommend to combine these with our  selection of salads.


Rustical Buffet    



    each    person 21,90 €    

    "Palatine" platter of    homemade sausage (e.g. liverwurst, black pudding)    

    Ham platter "Tyrol"    

    Platter with cold cuts and cheese    

    Platter with German meat paste "Westphalian"    

    Fried meatballs    

    Platter of smoked fish "Cuxhaven"    

    Smoked pork "Rustical"    

    “Harzer“ cheese with    onions    

    Grilled chicken legs    

    Turkey breast    

    Potato salad with bacon    

    Cheese platter    



  Rustical Buffet "Palatine"



    each    person 22,90 €    

    Platter of homemade sausage (e.g. liverwurst,    black pudding)    

    Ham platter    

    Platter with cold cuts and cheese    

    "Mainz" Platter (German meat paste)    

    Fried meatballs    

    "Hachenbach" platter    of smoked fish     

    "Harzer" cheese    with onions    

    Grilled chicken legs    

    Turkey breast    

    Potato salad with bacon    

    Stuffed rolled roast pork (served warm), regional    speciality    

    Cheese platter    



  Rustical Buffet cold / warm
  (more than 20 persons)




    each    person 26,90 €    

    Sliced pork in mushroom sauce with “spätzle“ (German style pasta)    

    Roast pork in beer sauce and home-fried potatoes    

    Mixed butchery platter:
    Homemade black pudding and liverwurst, meat paste, veal liverwurst,    collared pork and mustard

    Mixed ham platter:    Ham cornets with asparagus, ham „Black Forrest    style“, bacon    

    Mixed roast platter:
    Pork roast, roast with pepper sauce, pork roast stuffed with white bread    and leek

    Mixed fish platter:
    Mackerel fillet, rolled pickled herring, smoked mackerel fillet, fish salad,    horseradish sauce

    Potato salad    

    Vegetable salad    


    Cheese cream curd    

    Fruit salad    

    Cheese platter with grapes    



  Steak Buffet (Pork)




    each    person 17,90 €    

    Steak with cream sauce    

    Steak "Hawaii"    with pineapple    

    Steak with green pepper, hot    

    Steak with wild mushrooms    

    Steak with garlic and herbs    

    Pizza steak    

    Steak with beer sauce    

    Bouillon potatoes    

    Fried potatoes    

    Butter noodles    

    Butter “spätzle“ (German    style pasta)    

    Butte rice    

    Potato wedges    

    Mixed vegetables (peas, peppers and sweet corn)    

    Glazed peas and carrots    

    Cauliflower au    gratin    

    Sweet carrots    

    Green salad    

    Farmer salad    

    Coleslaw "Bohemian style"    

    Potato salad    


Choose yourself: i. e. for  30 persons
  3 meat variations + 3 side dishes variations  + 3 vegetables variations  + 2 salad variations  => price each person 13,40 €


Exclusive Buffet - cold / warm    



    each    person 35,90 €    

    Ham cornets with asparagus    

    "Parma" ham with melon    

    Smoked goose breast with mushrooms    

    Seafood salad "Dell Laguna"    

    Assorted fish platter with salmon, trout fillet    and fish terrine    

    Shrimp cocktail "Kopenhagen"    

    Pork fillet with chanterelles    

    Turkey steak in curry-cream sauce    

    Boiled beef with horseradish    

    Roast beef á la mode    

    King prawns au gratin with spinach    

    Cream potatoes    

    Dumpling casserole    

    Butter noodles    

    Green beans wrapped in bacon    

    Mixed vegetables (peas, sweet corn, peppers)    

    Cauliflower and broccoli au gratin    

    “Shepherd’s salad“ with feta cheese, olives and    white cabbage    

    Farmer salad    

    Coleslaw "Bohemian" style    

    Lettuce, croutons    

    Creamy Yoghurt- and Italian dressing    

    Fresh fruit salad    

    Mousse au    chocolat    

    Red fruit jelly with custard    

    Lemon cream with fruits    

    Selection of assorted cheeses    



  Noble Delicious Buffet



    each    person 33,90 €    

    “Serano“ ham with melon    

    Poultry cocktail    

    Smoked salmon    

    Smoked mackerel    

    Creamy horseradish    

    Veal paté with cranberry    pears    

    Salmon fillet with morel cream sauce    

    Sliced pork in white wine sauce, with pastry crust    (baked)    

    Roast veal in truffle sauce "Raffinesse"    

    Rolled roast turkey with herbs and pistachios     




    Sweet peas    

    Steamed spinach    

    Peas and carrots    

    Cauliflower au    gratin    

    Broccoli with almonds    

    Coleslaw with bacon    

    Various green salads, Croutons    

    Creamy Yoghurt- and Italian    salad dressing    

    Cucumber salad    

    Exotic fruit salad    

    Small stuffed yeast dumplings    

    Apple strudel    


    Lard spread    





  Scheidt’s Gourmet Buffet



    each    person 34,90 €    

    Vegetable strips with soft    cheese and herbs    

    Homemade lard spread    

    Smoked salmon with creamy horseradish    

    Seafood salad "Dell Laguna"    

    Roast beef with dip    

    Smoked trout fillet with cranberry horseradish    

    “Parma“ ham with palm-heart cocktail    

    Various Italian vegetables (antipasti)    

    Asparagus cream soup    

    Scheidt´s    special roast beef (flambé)    

    Roast venison with cranberry sauce    

    King prawns au gratin with spinach    

    Fish casserole „Gourmet" with salmon    

    Chicken breast-fillet in white wine sauce    

    Potato dumplings    

    Chesse-rice-ragout au gratin    

    “Spätzle“-mushroom    casserole    

    Vegetable-potato-gratin (speciality of our house)    

    Mushrooms á la creme    

    Broccoli with almonds    

    Sweet peas    

    Green beans wrapped in bacon    

    Mixed vegetables    "Bali" with bamboo    

    Red cabbage with apples    

    Leaf salad with croutons    

    Zucchini salad    

    "Greek" farmer salad    

    Cheese platter with raw milk cheese    

    with ice buffet á la King (with fireworks)    

    each    person 37,90 €    


  Exclusive Buffet - cold




    each    person 23,90 €    

    Assorted fish platter (salmon    and smoked trout fillet) with Scheidt´s special    marinate    

    Asparagus cornets     

    Leaf salad with air-dried beef (“Bündner Fleisch”, Swiss    speciality)    

    Tomatoes with mozzarella and fresh basil    

    Mixed roasted meat (beef, veal, turkey)    

    Tatare sauce    

    “Parma“ ham    

    Delicious ham specialities    

    Grilled roast beef with creamy horseradish    

    Mousse au chocolat    

    Mousse au vanille    

    Cheese specialities, incl. cheese with chervil    

    Selection of bread rolls    



We recommend  to complimenting these with one of our fresh salads.


  Cold Buffet "Special"




    each    person 26,90 €    

    Grilled roast beef with apple    horseradish    

    “Parma“ ham with melon boats    

    Shrimp cocktail    

    Smoked trout fillet    

    Scheidt´s    marinated salmon    

    Fish paté    

    Eggs garnished with trout caviar    

    Lobster (1 per 15 persons)    

    Various cold roasts (veal, poultry, beef and pork)    

    Delicious dips for fish and roasts    

    Potato salad with bacon    

    Broccoli-ham salad    

    Salad of raw vegetables    

    Lard spread    

    Lemon cream with fruits    

    Apple dessert "Pomerania" style    

    Mousse au chocolat    

    Cheese platter with grapes    


  Palatine  Buffet "Räuber Hotzenplotz"




    each    person 27,90 €    

    Stuffed tomatoes with homemade sausage salad     

    Assorted homemade lard balls    

    Bread rolls and baguettes    

    Liver dumpling soup    

    Beef "Stroganoff" in cream sauce    

    “Prague“ ham with crust    

    “Saumagen“ (Palatine    speciality, sausage stuffed with potatoes) with chestnut stuffing    

    Small grilled pork knuckles "Räuber Hotzenplotz"    

    Mild horseradish sauce    

    Homemade butter “spätzle“    (German style pasta)    

    Small potato dumplings with ham cream sauce    

    Sliced homemade bread dumplings with onion sauce    

    Rice risotto or roast potatoes    

    Sauerkraut (pickled white cabbage) with caraway    seeds    

    Green beans wrapped in bacon    

    Mixed vegetables “spring“    

    Lamb’s lettuce with crushed bacon, croutons and    fresh mushrooms    

    Salad dressing (creamy yoghurt or Italian    dressing)    

    Farmer salad    

    Coleslaw “Palatine” style     


  Bavarian Buffet




    each    person 29,40 €    

    Lard spread and radish    

    Tyrolean ham    

    “Landjäger“ (=air-dried    sausage)    

    Tomato salad    

    Cucumber salad    

    Iceberg lettuce with tangerines    

    Coleslaw "Bavarian"    style    

    Sausage- and cheese salad    

    Lamb’s lettuce with duck    

    Original    "Münchner Weißwürschtl" (Bavarian white sausage, veal)    

    Bavarian liver loaf    

    “Nürnberger“ fried sausages    

    Pork roast from suckling pig    

    Grilled pork knuckle with gravy    

    Bread dumplings    

    Stewed “Sauerkraut“ (pickled white cabbage) with    bacon    

    Red cabbage with apple    

    Fried mushrooms with garlic sauce    

    Warm potato salad with bacon    

    Fried potatoes    

    Apricot cream    

    Pumpernickel bread mousse    

    Apple strudel cream    

    Lemon cream    

    White mousse    

    Bavarian cheese specialities    


  Italian Pasta Buffet "Milano"
  (more than 20 persons)




    each    person 28,90 €    

    "Parma" ham with melon    

    Tomatoes with mozzarella    

    Shrimp cocktail "Milano"    

    Tatino-Tonato    (Turkey breast with tuna sauce)    

    Pizza steaks    

    Canneloni    with meat stuffing    

    Piccata    (pork saddle with parmesan cheese crust)    


    Tortellini verde in blue cheese sauce    

    Tagliatelle    in ham cream sauce    


    Farmer salad    

    Italian noodle salad    

    Italian vegetable salad    

    Mixed green salad    

    Italian salad dressing    

    Mousse au chocolat    

    Mousse of wild berries    

    Assorted special cheeses    


  Italian cold-warm Buffet
  (more than 20 persons)




    each    person 34,90 €    

    "Parma" ham with melon    boats    

    Smoked salmon carpaccio    

    Cranberry horseradish    

    Tomatoes with mozzarella    

    Seafood salad "Dell Laguna"    

    Shrimp cocktail "Italia"    

    Vitello-Tonato    (veal with tuna sauce) with spinach salad    

    Osso Buco    (grilled veal knuckle) "Tuscan" style    

    Pork roast stuffed with broccoli     

    Pizza steaks    

    Piccata (veal saddle steak in parmesan cheese crust)    

    Saltimbocca a Romana (veal escalope, ham, sage leafs)    

    Lasagne á    la Bolognese    


    Gnocchi with cheese sauce on leaf spinach bed with    pine nuts    

    Cream potatoes     

    Broccoli gratin    

    Steamed bell peppers    

    Grilled tomatoes     

    Ratatouille (provencal vegetable    stew)    

    Italian noodle salad    

    Italian vegetable salad    

    Leaf salad    


    Italian fruit platter    


    Fruit jelly (woodruff or cherry)    

    Various Italian cheese specialities    


  Lunch buffet 1
  (more than 20 persons)




    each    person 28,90 €    

    Dainty homemade lard spread    

    Smoked salmon with creamy horseradish    

    Ham cornets and asparagus    

    Fresh shrimps with Cognac sauce    

    Italian    vegetable platter    

    Scheidt´s    asparagus cream soup    

    Chicken leg with paprika sauce    

    Breaded turkey medallions in cream sauce with ham    

    Grilled "carribean"    fish fillet with dill cream sauce     

    Roast with mushroom mix    

    "Spätzle"    (German style pasta)    

    Vegetable potato gratin    


    Glazed summer vegetables    

    Cauliflower au gratin    

    Brussels sprouts “Gourmet“ style    

    Mixed vegetables “Leipziger    Allerlei” (carrots, peas, asparagus)    

    Fresh lettuce with croutons, various dressings    

    Bean salad    

    Red beet salad    

    Mousse au chocolat    

    Red wine cream    

    Red fruit jelly    



  Lunch buffet 2




    each    person 34,90 €    

    Exclusive graved and smoked salmon platter    

    Selection of smoked fish with creamy horseradish    

    Tomatoes and mozzarella with basil and “Parma“ ham    

    "Greek" farmer salad    

    Stuffed vol-au-vent    (warm)    


    Scheidt´s    Broccoli cream soup    

    Fried duck with marjoram sauce    

    Pork steak with pepper sauce    

    Turkey steak in tomato sauce, au gratin with    mozzarella    

    SPECIAL: Scheidt´s roast    beef, flambé    

    Venison in cranberry sauce    

    Homemade "Spätzle"    (German style pasta)    

    Bread dumplings    

    Butter rice    

    Vegetable potato gratin    

    Red cabbage with apple    

    Sugar peas á la creme    with bacon    

    “Romanesco“ (broccoli/cauliflower    hybrid) with almonds    

    Brussels sprouts with ham, au gratin    

    Mixed vegetables “Leipziger    Allerlei“ (carrots, peas, asparagus)    

    Vegetable lasagne    

    Fresh lettuce with croutons    

    Various dressings    

    Carrot salad    

    Cucumber salad with dill sauce    

    “Shepherd’s salad“ (feta cheese, olives and    cabbage)    

    Apple strudel with custard    

    Fresh fruit salad    

    Lemon cream with fruits    

    Assorted of cheeses with grapes