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eigene Veranstaltungs- und Tagungsräume                                             

Complete several course menus

Menu 1


    each    person 21,90 €    

    Beef bouillon with garnish    

    Roast pork    stuffed with white bread and leek, with spicy sauce     

    Steaks and mushrooms with cream sauce    

    Homemade “spätzle“    (German style pasta)     

    Fried potatoes    

    Glazed mixed vegetables    

    Green beans wrapped in bacon    

    Mixed leaf salads    

    Yoghurt with apricots


Menu 2    



    each    person 23,90 €    

    Vegetable soup "Italia"    

    Schnitzel with "Jägersauce"    

    Roast beef a la mode in Burgundy sauce    

    Butter „spätzle“ (German style pasta)    

    Bouillon potatoes    

    Cauliflower au    gratin    

    Broccoli with almonds    

    Mixed leaf salads     

    Fresh fruit salad with egg nog


Menu 3    



    each    person 24,90 €    

    Smoked goose breast carpaccio     


    Beef fillet with vinaigrette and fresh mushrooms    

    Pork steak in beer sauce    

    Stuffed beef roulades    

    Potato dumplings with bacon cream sauce    

    Red cabbage with apples    

    Mixed vegetables "Leipziger Allerlei" (carrots, peas, asparagus)    

    Butter "Spätzle"    (German style pasta)    

    Red wine cream with whipped cream