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Side Dishes




    each    person 4,90 €    

    Potato wedges    

    Baked potatoes    

    Homemade fried potatoes    

    Bouillon-potatoes with vegetables    

    Noodle gratin    

    Potato dumplings with bacon sauce    

    Cheese Spätzle (German    style pasta) "Tyrol"    

    Wild rice    

    Casserole with "spätzle" (German style pasta) and vegetables    

    Small potatoes    "Chateau"    

    Baked racket    potatoes    

    Potato gratin    

    Tortellini gratin    

    Tagliatelle    gratin    

    Potato and    ham-gratin with cheese    

    Butter noodles    

    "Spätzle"    (German style pasta)    

    Bread dumplings    

    Butter rice    

    Casserole with Swabian    ravioli and vegetables    

    “Schupfnudeln“ (potatoe noodles)    

    French fries    

    Mashed potatoes    

    Dumpling gratin    

    Gnocchi with cheese sauce    

    Bread dumplings (sliced)     

    Casserole with “spätzle“    (German style pasta) and mushrooms    

    Cheese and rice-ragout au gratin    

    Roasted potatoes    







    each    person 4,90 €    

    Glazed peas and carrots    

    Green beans wrapped in bacon    

    Cauliflower au    gratin    

    Broccoli with almonds    

    "Romanesco" (cauliflower/broccoli    hybrid)    

    Brussels sprouts au gratin    

    Mixed vegetables (peas, peppers and sweet corn)    

    Mixed vegetables "Leipziger    Allerlei" (carrots, peas and asparagus)    


    Mixed vegetables au gratin "Summer"    (peas, carrots, cauliflower and beans)    

    Sugar peas    


    Cabbage turnips    

    Black salsifies    

    Ratatouille (provencal vegetable    stew)    

    Mixed vegetables "Bali" (carrots,    bamboo, water chestnuts)    

    Mixed vegetables (with broccoli, carrots and    cauliflower)    

    Fresh "Sauerkraut"    

    Red cabbage with apples    

    Steamed bell peppers    

    Grilled tomato    

    Mixed vegetables "Spring" (broccoli,    leek and sugar peas)    

    Bell peppers with zucchini    


For all warm buffet orders, you may select a  combination of vegetables and salads.